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Tourism in India

Government of India has made it mandatory for every citizen to carry a valid and legal international travelling document before he/she is permitted to enter India. This document has to be in the form of a national passport with a valid visa that is accepted by Indian Post or Mission in the foreign country.

Visa-to-India is a venture by Indian Holidays Pvt. Ltd. that takes care of all the legal and formal documentations of a foreign citizen who wishes to visit India. All the information regarding visas, type of visas, visa fees and contact information of Indian Missions etc. is available to the foreign citizens.

For tourists who wish to visit India on a medical tour, education tour, leisure tour, business tours etc, Visa-to-India is a very helpful website.

Tourism in India

Over the years, India has become the hub for tourists from all around the world. Tourism in India is blooming at every corner and nook of the country. The reasons for this sudden popularity of the country can be credited to its rich cultural history and ethnic and geographical diversity. India offers all kinds of tourism to international visitors including cultural, sports, medical, business, educational and heritage tourisms.

From Kashmir in the North, flushed with majestic mountains and enchanting snow, to Kerala in the South, with stunning backwater landscapes, there are numerous must visit attractions in the country that also brings international tourism in the country.

The Indian state of Rajasthan has become one of the most popular travel destinations all across the world. The reason for this can be credited to the historical forts, the majestic palaces, the colorful art and the vibrant culture in Rajasthan. Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Thar Desert are some of the most visited destinations in Rajasthan. Heritage hotels in Rajasthan are another glorious aspect of the state.

If Rajasthan is known for her vibrant culture and heritage, then Goa is the party destination in India. Amazing beaches, Non-ending nightlife, Goan cuisines, Fantastic Casinos, Goan Trance Music, magnificent churches, everything in and around Goa lures tourists from all over the world to come to the state and have a good time.

The majestic hill stations in India, covered with snow or mist are another aspect that has given a major boost to Tourism in India. Kashmir, which is called as the Heaven on Earth, is a gorgeous destination which is loved by tourists from all over the world because of its immense beauty. Similarly, Ooty, in South India, popularly called as “Queen of Hills” is another favorite among tourists.

In the city of Agra, lies The Taj Mahal, the Seventh Wonder of the World that has been acting as the symbol of love for couples all around the globe, for centuries. The amazing heritage monuments in Delhi -the capital city of India- including Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort, Qutub Minar have given immense popularity to the city.

With beauty, culture and fun all around India, Tourism in India is booming significantly and tours to India have become an ideal vacation plans.

Why indianholiday.com created Visa-To-India?

Since, tourism in India is booming on a wide scale, and international tourism is flowing in the country, Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd., being a socially responsible corporation, decided to help our foreign friends in availing legal documents for an Indian tour, much more ease and efficiency.

IHPL is known for serving its clients with best possible resources, for last 23 years, and Visa-To-India is a similar venture by us. All the information regarding Visa Requirements to India from various Nationalities, are provided on the website, so that one does not get lost amidst confusing and hectic instructions and procedures.

We aim to serve our huge client base across the globe with an easy access to all the knowledge they require regarding Visa and passport facilities to India, on one single portal, so that they can fulfill their dreams of Indian tours without spending too much time researching and running around for fulfilling legal procedures.

IHPL, a two time National tourism award winning tour and travel portal, takes the requirements and needs of the clients very seriously. We consider it as our prime social responsibility to provide the clients with our best services and facilities.

Why indianholiday.com created Mediconnect?

India has, over the years, become, the central destination for world medical tourism. The advanced medical facilities in India are known for efficient treatments at affordable prices. From Dental to Cosmetic to Organ Transplantation to Cardiology check-ups, the medical facilities in India are available for any sort of medical requirement.

Mediconnect is another venture by Indian holiday Pvt. Ltd., aiming to introduce clients from all around the world, to the advanced medical facilities in India and to provide them wide range of medical tourism options in India.

IHPL takes great pride in providing our foreign clients with some of the best medical services that is available in the country. We aim to enhance medical tourism in India and also help our foreign friends to get the benefits of a successful medical treatment, whilst enjoying their holidays in the country.

IHPL, a successfully running tour and travel company, created Mediconnect to offer our client base with a single port that takes care of all their requirements during pre and post medical treatments. Our clients do not to plan their travel itinerary while availing a medical tour to India, all they need is to contact Mediconnect and we plan it all for them.

IHPL’s venture, Mediconnect carefully planned medical tours ensure successful treatments and a healthy life to all the clients.

Indianholiday.com Other Products

Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd. serves its client by providing them the opportunity to plan tours to some of the best locations in the country. We take pride in presenting India in a never-seen-before way with our various products. Our aim has always been to show India in its utmost glory with experiences that are so far unhindered and unexplored.

LuxoIndia.com is a venture by IHPL that gives an opportunity to all the clients to experience the luxurious aspect of India with a stay in some of the lavish suites, located in some of the luxurious locations of India. For honeymoon trips, Luxoindia.com has proved very efficient and is preferred by couples from all over the world.

Another widely preferred venture by Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd. is Goatrip.com. The website is known for offering Goa Tourism packages at best rates and in process spoiling our guests on their Goa Holidays. With affiliations with direct vendors, Goatrip.com has taken an edge over all its competitors in the industry.

HeritagehotelsofIndia.com is a venture by IHPL that aims to introduce tourists with Indian heritage. The website is a one-stop destination for booking a stay to some of the finest heritage hotels in India. Loaded with information on all kinds of heritage hotels in India, the website is best for booking an Indian tour that allows you to have a first-hand Royal experience of India.

India has also made its mark in the luxury train travel. Indian holiday Pvt. Ltd. decided to take one step further and created a one-stop portal to avail tours on India’s primary luxury trains. Our clients can also check out the website to gather all kinds of information on the luxury train travel. We take pride to be the first venture that provides train reviews by bona-fide travelers.

Apart from the above mentioned, various other successful ventures by IHPL include keralabackwater.com, wildlifeindiatours.com, indiapilgrimtours.com, ootyindia.com, indiaprofile.com, mumbaihotels.com and many more.

Indianholiday.com Services

Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd. boasts about serving guests with all their tour requirements. We have not left a single aspect of an India tour while planning our services. The efficient staff working at IHPL is completely aware of all the tricks and trades related to tour and travel. Because of immense versatility in our services, IHPL has created a special place in the hearts of its clients.

IHPL is a master when it comes to managing Indian tour packages with 600+ theme tours at best possible budget. We are very skilled at destination management and are always eager to answer any query of our client 24/7.

IHPL also provides Individual or group booking in every category of hotels in India. We have established friendly relations with various hotels in India and hence we offer massive discounts to each and every client. Book a query about any hotel in India with us by filling the form, and do not be surprised when you get a quick response from us.

IHPL has maintained exceptional standards when it comes to air bookings at cheaper rates because of its immensely healthy relations with Domestic and International Airlines. With Abacus- IHPL’s online reservation system- we have enabled instant bookings even in busiest of sectors.

IHPL also makes available to its esteemed set of clients, a fleet of rental cars on day-to-day basis while on a tour to their preferred destination in India. Our car rental service is efficient and reliable and ready for service anytime, anywhere. We ensure that tourists only need to book a car on a tour and we take it further from there.