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Qatar Visa Information

General Information:
  • If an applicant is visiting India for business, tourist and other purposes that are according to the rules and regulations of Government of India, The Indian Embassy in Doha will grant the Visa.
  • To download the online Visa application form visit, www.indianembassyqatar.org.
  • Each applicant must have a Passport with validity of at least six months more than the date of submission of visa application. The applicant must also paste one photo on the form at specified place and also provide evidence of hotel reservations/travel bookings/confirmed air tickets.
  • The local foreigners and residents who are holders of valid resident permit may get visa on the same day. Nationals of other countries who do not hold a permanent residence in Qatar might get their visas approved in 4-5 days.
  • Applicants who submit their applications between 9:00 A.M. to 12:15 P.M. might get their visas on the same day and can collect their visas between 04.00 p.m. and 5.15 p.m.
  • The time period of validity of a visa starts from the date on which it is issued.
  • Any application can be rejected by the Embassy without giving any reasons to the applicant.

Requirements to obtain various Indian Visas

To avoid any sort of delay in the approval of Visa application, the applicant (Except from Pakistan and Bangladesh) must fill the Visa application form://www.indianembassyqatar.org/qatar_form/form_1.php online, get its printout and get it checked out at Visa Help Desk before reaching the visa counter. Bangladeshi and Pakistani nationals must fill http://www.indianembassyqatar.org/qatar_form/form_3.php (one copy) and http://www.indianembassyqatar.org/qatar_form/form_2.php (four copies) respectively.

 Visa Charges

SL. No. Type of Visa Fee in Qatari Riyals
1 Tourist Visa upto 6 months QR 150/-

Tourist Visa upto 1 Year

QR 240/-
3 Tourist Visa upto 5 Years QR 475/-
4 For Singaporean nationals tourist visa upto 6 months QR 95/-
5 Transit visa valid for 15 days - single/ double entries QR 75/-
6 Student visa for the duration of the course or five years, whichever is less QR 275/-
7 All other types (other than tourist, transit, business and student visas) upto 6 months QR 295/-
8 All other types (other than tourist, transit, business and student visas) upto 1 year QR 440/-
9 All other types (other than tourist, transit, business and student visas) upto 5 years QR 735/-
10 Tourist visa 10 years - only for US Nationals QR 475/-
11 Business visa 10 years - only for US Nationals QR 805/-


  • Nationals from United States must pay an additional fee of QR 75 with the required visa fee for obtaining any types of visa.
  • All types of visas (including Protected/Restricted Area permit and visa transfer) will be issued gratis to the nationals of Uruguay, Bangladesh, Argentina, Jamaica, Korea, Mauritius, Mongolia, South Africa, Maldives and Afghanistan.
  • Nepali and Bhutanese Nationals do not require Visa to travel India, though if Nepali nationals are visiting India from China, they must apply for Visa.