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Japan Visa Information

General Information:
  • Since, November 2007, Japan Overseas Corporation (JOC) is the one responsible for handling Visa applications of Nationals from Japan and Nationals from other countries as well. Applicants, who are holding Official/Diplomatic passport, when desiring to visit India, must apply at the Indian Visa Application Centre (IVAC) operated by JOC.
  • If an applicant is applying for Official/Diplomatic Visa, and is a holder of UN passport, he/she must apply at the Consular Wing of the Embassy. The applicant must also submit Note Verb ale from his UN organization in Japan/respective embassy.
  • JOC, even though is responsible for various administrative tasks for the Embassy of India, Tokyo, but takes no active participation in the acceptance or rejection of a visa application. For more information on Visa related affairs visit the website WWW.INDIANVISAATJAPAN.CO.JP.
  • For downloading the visa application forms visit the following website: http://www.indembassy-tokyo.gov.in/downloads/Visadocuments.pdf