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Denmark Visa Information

General Information:
  1. Only the nationals residing in Denmark can send in their Visa applications to The Embassy of India at Copenhagen for acceptance.
  2. An applicant can either submit his application in person or through post. If sending through post, the application must be accompanied along with Visa fees cheque and a duly stamped return envelope with the applicant’s address on it. The Embassy prefers returning passports through Registered/Recommended Post.
  3. There might be some days, other than local holidays, when The Consular section remains closed.
  4. A foreign child, who is registered in either of his/her parent’s passport, is not allowed to enter the premises in India, until he/she has a valid Visa on passport to India. Every foreign citizen, irrespective of age must carry a valid visa on passport before entering in India.
  5. To gather information on Visa for Non-Danish Nationals, visit http://www.indian-embassy.dk/visaother.html.
  6. Applicants must apply for their Visa before making their way to India.
  7. Only the nationals of the following countries can avail Tourist Visa on Arrival facility: New Zealand, Finland, Luxembourg, Japan, Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar.
  8. For all queries related to Visa, Contact the Embassy at telephone numbers+45 39 18 29 95, +45 39 18 28 88 between 14.30 - 16.30 hrs on any working day or send e-mail [email protected].
  9. Applicants can fill the Visa application form by visiting the website http://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa.
  10. Along with their Visa applications, the Original passport, which must be valid for a minimum of 4 months more than the time period of validity of the required Visa, must be submitted. Also, a recent colored passport size photograph in a white background must be attached as well.
  11. The Visa fees may be submitted at the visa counter in cash, Dankort or a banker's cheque, though the Embassy prefers payment done through Dankort/Visa Dankort. If an applicant is submitting the Visa fees through post, he/she must make the payment through banker’s cheque. If paying through cheques, it must be drawn in favour of EMBASSY OF INDIA, COPENHAGEN. If the bank from where the cheque is being issued does not lie under the Danish System, then an extra sum of DKK 50/- per cheque must be paid.Click http://www.indian-embassy.dk/visa_fees.html to check the Visa Fees.
  12. The completely filled up form, with either blue or black ball point pen, signed by the applicant must be submitted along with a copy of the Travel Plan and supporting documents required by the Embassy. Except small children who cannot sign on their own, no one else is allowed to send an application with a signature done by some one other on the applicant’s behalf.
  13. Visa Fee keeps on changing without any prior notice so to keep an update on the fees,check the current fee from the website. If an applicant cancels his/her application, he will not be returned his Visa fee.
  14. Visa processing time schedule.
    (a) Tourist Visa:
  • Danish Nationals:  It takes approximately 2 – 3 working days when the application is submitted in person at the Embassy. It takes approximately 14 working days when the application is sent through post and the fee is paid through cheque.
  • Other Nationals: It takes at least 7 working days when the application is submitted in person at the Embassy. It takes approximately 14 working days when the application is sent through post and the fee is paid through cheque

(b) Business Visa:

  • Danish Nationals: It takes approximately 2 – 3 weeks when the application is submitted in person at the Embassy. It takes approximately 14 working days when the application is sent through post and the fee is paid through cheque.
  • Other foreign nationals residing in Denmark for less than 2 years: Subject to completion of prescribed formalities.
  • According to the existing instructions by the Government of India, a Tourist Visa can only be granted to a foreigner whose aim of visiting India are a visit to meet friends or relatives, sightseeing, recreation, casual visit, etc. Misuse of Visa on Arrival would lead straight to deportation and permanent refusal for visa to India.
  • Application for visa should accompany

(i)a copy of return air-ticket to India (ii)Invitation letter from host in India or complete details of confirmation of hotel booking/s at the place/s you are wishing to stay in India. (iii)Evidence of accessibility of enough funds to meet the expenses while staying in India.

  1. The time period of validity of all types of Visa starts from the day when the Visa is issued.
  2. The Embassy has the right to reject any application without providing any reason to the applicant.
  3. If a foreigner (other than US nationals holding 10 year tourist/business visas) is intending to stay in India for more than a time period of 180 days, he/she must be registered under the government of India. Tourist must get himself/herself registered within 14 days of arrival in the country by the concerned Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in India.  The tourist will have to pay penalty fee of US$ 30.00 if he did not get himself/herself registered before time and if he/she overstayed in India beyond the validity of his/her visa.
  4. Any applicant wishing to enter restricted areas of India must fill an additional form. To find out information whether the place s you are intending to visit comes under the protected/restricted zones, an applicant can contact the Embassy. An additional fee must be submitted along with the application.
  5. Use English language while making all queries related to Visa.

Visa Fees Chart

Sr. No. Type of Visa Fees in DKK
1. Tourist Visa 370
2. Business Visa 1050
3. Transit Visa 200
4. Student Visa 670
5. Journalist Visa 710
6. Conference Visa 710
7. Entry Visa - for 6 months 710
8. Entry Visa - for 1 year 1050
9. Entry Visa - for up to 5 years 1740
10. Employment Visa - for 6 months 1090
11. Employment Visa - for 1 year 1440
12. Employment Visa - for up to 5 years 2120
13. Diplomatic/Official Visa Visa is Required.


  • The fees given above are only meant for Danish nationals. Nationals of other countries will be charged extra money as processing fees.
  • Business visa and Employment visa fees vary for each country. Contact the Embassy to gather more information.
  • Visa applicants can apply for Visa application and can fill the form online by visiting the website http://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa.
  • The fees given above are inclusive of extra fee of DKK 20.00 charged on all passports, visas and consular services. For more details visit http://www.indian-embassy.dk/visa_fees.html#tourist