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France Visa Information

General Information:
  • Since, India Visa Application Centre is the outsourced partner with the Embassy of India in France, the responsibility for reception of visa applications for all kinds of travel to India along with visa fees lies in the hands of India Visa Application Centre.
  • Applicant must submit his/her applications at the Embassy of India in Paris which will be returned to them after processing procedures.
  • For all the knowledge pertaining to Visas, you can contact VF Services (UK) Limited. VFS has centers in Paris, Lyon and Marseilles also have Drop-in-points at Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Nice.
  • Applicant must completely read the instructions and fill the form according to the purpose of his/her travel and sometimes according to his/her profession. After selecting the correct visa category, the applicant must submit all the documents that are required for his/her type of Visa.
  • Applicants might have to fill in some Additional forms or submit some extra documents on the basis of their origin, nationality, their age and the mode of submission chosen by them. They can check the list of the documents along with some sample letters on the Additional Forms page.
  • The time period for the validity of visa begins from the date when the visa is issued and not from their date of departure to India.
  • Get a printout of the documents that are required according to your Visa category and it must be attached with the application before submitting. The document must be signed in and completely filled.