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Argentina Visa Information

General Information:

Fee Structure

Consular Services Pesos
Verification of documents/affidavits related to purchase, sale, mortgage, power of attorney, gift, transfer, etc. of movable properties or real estate or issuing certificate by a Cons. Officer related to these issues. 100+10
Verification of commercial/trade documents or issuing any certificate related to import/export from foreign land to India. 250+10
Verification of commercial/trade documents or issuing any certificate related to import/exports from India to foreign land. 100+10
Verification of life certificate, pension papers etc. related to the pensioners Free of charge
Verification of other miscellaneous papers, issuing certificates of notarial, civil services, birth certificate registration and a copy of the entry certificate. 100+10
Verification of documents pertaining to purchase/sale of vessel/ship etc. 1300+10
Fees in respect of merchant shipping  
Verification of documents related to vessel/ship, etc. for issuing a certificate of document other than sale, purchase, etc. 250+10
Verification of documents of sailor certificates (applicant using as a sailor)  


Transit visa or T.V. (validity of 15 days) 100+10
Student visa or S.V. (validity till time period of educational course) 375+10
Tourist visa or T.V. validity of 6 months (allowed multiple entries) 200+10
Tourist visa validity of 1 year (allowed multiple entries) 325+10
Tourist visa valid of 5 years (allowed multiple entries) 650+10
Business visa or B.V. validity of 1 year (allowed multiple entries) 600+10
Business visa validity of 5 years (allowed multiple entries) 1000+10

For Uruguayans and Argentines Transit/Tourist visas are issued Free of charge.
Nationals from Paraguay/Uruguay/Argentina who are holders of Official/Diplomatic passport need not carry visa to visit India.
To obtain clearance from the respective countries, nationalists from countries other than Uruguay/Argentina/Paraguay have to pay additional sum of Argentine Pesos 50/- as communication charges.