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Belgium and Luxembourg Visa Information

General Information:

Tourist Visa-on-Arrival for nationals of Luxembourg

  • Tourist Visa-on-Arrival facility is available for the nationals of Luxembourg, since 1st January 2010, as announced by The Government of India.
  • Only those nationals of Luxembourg, who are visiting India for the purpose of sightseeing, recreation, casual visit to meet relatives or friends, are allowed to apply for Tourist Visa-on-Arrival facility. Luxembourg Nationals coming to India for any other activity/purpose cannot apply.
  • The validity of Tourist Visa on Arrival is of 30 days and it allows only a single entry in the country. Nationals of Luxembourg are charged a fee of US $ 60 or equivalent Indian rupees. Visa-On-Arrival will be granted by the Immigration Officers at Bangalore, Delhi, Trivandrum, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi and Hyderabad.
  • Nationals of Luxembourg who are holding Official/Diplomatic passports cannot avail this facility. They have to apply for their relevant visas at the Embassy of India in Brussels.
  • Forms for Tourist Visa-on-Arrival can be downloaded from http://www.indembassy.be/pdf/visa%20on%20arrival%20form.pdf

Visa Information

Nationals of Luxembourg apply for Visa (other than those from International organizations and Embassies and) have to submit their applications ONLY at the India Visa Application Centers at Antwerp, Brussels and Luxembourg (Visit the website of India Visa Application Centre to http://in.vfsglobal.be download Visa Application form and to read the procedures and guidelines.) Since, 25th July 2011, the new online Visa Application form must be filled by all Visa applicants.To read Important Notices & News” and gather information “All about Visas”, visit the home page of India Visa Application Centre, Brussels (http://in.vfsglobal.be). To download online Visa Application form, click on “Submit your application. Go through the terms and conditions for the applicants carefully. Each applicant has to apply as himself/herself.

Given below are the Steps to apply for Visa:-

  • Copy down the Temporary Application ID number containing 15 characters carefully. The number consists of alphabets and numbers, which are displayed on the online application form at Government of India. To retrieve your application and continue filling the form on some later date, save the number.
  • Save the application after completing the form.
  • Sign the application after getting a printout of the form.
  • Two photographs of the applications of the dimensions 50mm x 50 mm (2 inch x 2 inch) must be attached. Photographs of any other dimensions will not be accepted.
  • The complete form along with the required photographs and proper documentations and the fee mentioned must be submitted at India VAC, Brussels or Collection Centres at Luxembourg and Antwerp.

Applicants of Visa from European Commission/Embassies/Union/UN organizations/Parliament etc. may complete the online Visa application form from the following link http://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/.

Save the Temporary Application ID number that would allow you to complete your form on a later date. After completing the application form, save it, take a print out of the form and sign the form. Attach your photograph on the form. The photographs must be of the dimensions mentioned in the instructions. Along with the form, you must provide a note verbale from your organization, at the Embassy. Applicants without he possession of a note verbale may complete the online visa application form from the website of India Visa Application Centre, Brussels at http://in.vfsglobal and thereafter, submit their application at the India Visa Application Centre at 350 in Brussels.

Visa Fee for varied categories of visa is mentioned below. Applications must pay service fee for Visa applications, along with their Visa fee, at the India Visa Application Centres (details available on the website of India Visa Application Centre http://in.vfsglobal.be)