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Brazil Visa Information

General Information:

1)Applicants must contact directly the Embassy in Brasilia if they wish to enquire about passport requirements and VISA regulations.

2)Bringing any type of satellite phone in India is strictly prohibitedand can lead to legal actions against the defaulter, according to the instructions of the Ministry of Interior, Government of India.

3)The Embassy of India in Brasilia provides the Brazil nationals with Consular services quality and brief. Besides the Indian Embassy in Brasilia, The Consulate General of India in Sao Paulo provides an easy access to residents of the states of Santa Catarina, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná. Therefore, residents of these five states should request a visa at the Consulate General of India in Sao Paulo. Residents of all other states must make their requests in the Indian Embassy in Brasilia.

4)Visa requests are accepted from 9 am to 11:30 am Monday to Friday, except holidays, including Indian national holidays. In most cases, visa applications by native Brazilians, who have only a passport, are processed and the visa is issued by the end of two days after the submission of the form.

5)Applicant can apply for Business visa, Student Work Visa etc only if all required documents are attached and that all requirements are being met.

6)Incomplete applications may result in delays in processing the form or even lead to cancelling of the application.

7)Candidates of other nationalities who are not residing in Brazil will have their requests processed on the basis of merit which are subject to the rules and regulations of the Indian Embassy in the applicant's country. This procedure takes 7 working days.

8)Visa fees can be paid by cashier's check or cash, if you're heading to the Embassy in person. Business and personal checks are not accepted. The cashier's check is a check sheet that must be completed and issued by your bank or any other bank. For this, the bank will ask the DUNS number of the embassy, which is 04.386.483/0001-65. Cash payments are accepted only if the person wishes to go personally to the Embassy. The money must not be sent by post. Checks must be issued in the name of the Indian Embassy. Rates for more than one candidate may be included in the same check.

9)Address for sending the documentation is

Indian Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil
SHIS QL 08, Conjunto 08
Casa 01, Lago Sul
CEP 71.620/285 Brasilia, DF

10)  The prescription of validity of the visa begins on its issue date and not on the date of entry into India. All persons holding a valid visa for more than 180 days must register with the Regional Office for Registration of Foreigners (Foreigners Regional Registration Office) close within 14 days of your arrival in India.

11)  Foreigners visiting India should ensure that they leave the Indian Territory before the expiration of their visa. Any stay beyond the time allowed should be regularized by extending the visa before leaving the country of the person. Therefore, the remaining extra fee and visa extension will be collected by the immigration authorities in India.

12)   Questions regarding the request of the visa can be made by phone at (61) 3248-4006. The Embassy is not responsible for airline tickets or any bookings made​​/purchased prior to the issuance of a visa to travel to India.

13)  The Government of India has extended the facility of visa on arrival for Collective groups of tourists who are traveling by air or sea, if :

• They are traveling in groups of 4 or more people .

• The tour is sponsored by an Indian Travel Agencies approved by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India with pre - defined itineraries.

• The list of Travel Agencies India approved by Indian government is available at the website: http://tourism.gov.in/TourismDivision/TTList.aspx?Name=Travel % 20Trade & Travel TCID = % 20Agent.

14)  These visas can be issued for a period of 60 days with multiple entry facility/ The procedures for availing Visa on arrival are given below:

• To ensure that facility, the visa application form must be completed online by each tourist. The visa application form can be accessed online at: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in.

• After completing a complete list of members along with their printed forms, two photos of 5 cm x 5 cm and a copy of the itinerary must be submitted by the tourist or travel agency to the Regional Office of Alien Registration or Registration Office for Foreigners more close to 72 hours beforehand.

• The addresses of the Regional Offices of Alien Registration are available on the website: http://immigrationindia.nic.in/reg_req2.htm.

• The tourist or travel agency must give an assurance to the concerned Regional Office, Foreigners Registration Office or the Registration of Foreigners that the trip will be conducted according to the itinerary and ensure further that no individual will be allowed to leave the group anywhere/change the itinerary.

• Tourists must carry a valid International Certificate against Yellow Fever.

• A Journalist Visa (J) is issued to a foreigner who is a journalist, who visits India for other purposes, such as tourism or conference, will only be issued a visa J.

• All journalists, regardless of the reason for their visit, except if working in an Indian media organization, must apply for the J visa, which is issued for three months with a single entry.

15)  The Embassy of India, Brasilia, reports that a fee of $ 5.00 will be charged for each service (Passport, Visa, OCI, PIO Card, Consularizações, etc.), except for documents related to the death, with effect from 01.04.2013. If the amount due is paid by check, the applicant must send two checks, one in the list of fees + postage costs ( if any) and another for additional fee ( ICWF ).

16)  For payments made ​​in cash at the Embassy of India, it is essential that the candidate bring currency value exchanged.