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China Visa Information

General Information:


  • Applicants have to pay a fee of RMB 22 per passport will apply along with regular visa fees.
  • Via application support services will be provided only by The India Visa Application Centre. There is no influence or power of any kind in the hands of Staff members of Visa Application Centre. The officers working at the Embassy of India only has the decision whether to issue a visa or refuse an application. Information related to Visa will be provided by India Visa Application Centre staff but they are not liable to offer any immigration advice. If there is any sort of exploitation or influence in the filling of your application by Visa Application Centre staff, notify the Head of Visa Services at the Indian embassy in Beijing.
  • Nationals holding Official/Diplomatic/Public Affairs Passports can only submit their Visa applications at the Indian Embassy between 0930 hrs to 1030 hrs on all working days.

General Information

1. Chinese nationals and nationals of other countries must fill their Visa application form and submit it to The Embassy of India in Beijing attached with all the other required documents to avail business, tourist, student, employment, entry and all other types of visas.

2. Applicants submitting their Visa applicants themselves or through their representatives, including travel agents will be treated equally while accepting the Visa applications and no preference whatsoever is given to anyone by the Embassy while doing so.

3. Applicants who are not holders of Public Affairs/Official/Diplomatic passports are requested to submit their Visa applications, if wishing to travel to India, at India Visa Application Centre

4. The validity of passports of every applicant should be at least six months.

5. Applications must be filled completely and thoroughly by the applicant along with his original signature. No incomplete application will be accepted.

6. All the applicants belonging to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai municipality must apply for their visas at the Consulate General of India, Shanghai (diplomatic, service and public affairs passport holders) and at the Indian Visa Application Centre (ordinary passport holders).

  • Consulate General of India, Shanghai
    •                Address:
      •                India Visa Application Centre, Room 2306, New TownMansion, No.83 Loushangguan Road, Changning, District, Shanghai, P.R. China. 200336
    •                Phones:021-62362760 
    •                E-mail: [email protected]
    •                Website:www.blsindia-china.com

7. All the applicants belonging to Sichuan, Guangdong, Hunan,Hainan, Yunnan, Fujian and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region municipality must apply for their visas at the Consulate General of India, Shanghai (diplomatic, service and public affairs passport holders) and at the Indian Visa Application Centre (ordinary passport holders).

  • Consulate General of India,Guangzhou
    •                Address:
      •                Indian Visa Application Centre, lRoom E, Floor 9, Goldsun Building, No.109, Tiyu West Road, TianheDistrict, Guangzhou,  P.RChina. 510620
    •                Phones:020-62362760 
    •                E-mailID: [email protected]
    •                Website: www.blsindia-china.com

8. After an application submits his visa application form along with all the necessary documents at The Embassy or Indian Visa Applications Centre, it take 5 working days by The Indian Embassy to process the application for nationals of China and 7 working days for  non-Chinese nationals.

New System of Mandatory Online Visa Application

1. The Government of India has now made it compulsory for all the applicants of Indian Visa to apply for their Visa application form online.

2. How to Apply for a Visa Online:

2.1. Visit the website of Embassy of India, Beijing at www.indianembassy.org.cn and go to “Visa Application” from the Home page. Read the instructions carefully and select the type of Visa you wish to apply for. Read all the information about the selected Visa thoroughly and then click on the hyperlink “Online Visa Application”. You will be directed to the Government of India Visa Online Application Website: www.indianvisaonline.gov.in where you will find the online visa application form.

2.2. Copy down the Temporary Application ID number containing 15 characters carefully. The number consists of alphabets and numbers, which are displayed on the online application form at Government of India. To retrieve your application and continue filling the form on some later date, save the number.

2.3. After you finish completing the application form online a Web Reference Confirmation Number will be given to you. Save the completed Visa Application form get a printout to submit it to Indian Visa Application Centre/Embassy.

2.4. All the information that is filled in the form must be accurate to the best knowledge of the applicant. If any mistake is done in the form and the form is saved, it CANNOT be edited. A new form must be filled by the applicant.

2.5. The printout of the completed form must be taken from either a Laser printer or Ink-Jet.

2.6. For the best view of the website, Internet Explorer version 8.0 and above is the best web browser.

2.7. To download and complete the form on your PC, Adobe Reader version 7.0 or higher must be installed on your system.

2.8. After completing the form and saving in and getting its printout, attach all the required documents with it and submit it to Indian Visa Application Centre in Beijing.

2.9. All the required documents are mentioned on the website and each of them hold equal importance for the acceptance of Visa application.

2.10.The photos attached with the form must be clicked in the white background and must be of the dimensions 51mm x 51mm (2 inch x 2 inch). Photos of any other dimension will not be accepted. Those who are submitting their forms in person can also get their photos clicked from the photo booth facility at The Indian Visa Application Centre. All the relevant information pertaining to resizing and uploading of photos are available at http://passport.gov.in/visa/VSS_IMAGE.pdf

2.11. The online visa application form must be completed at least one day in advance of submission of application form print-out at the Indian Visa Application Centre/Embassy.

2.12.   If you have any other query or difficulty regarding the filling up of the forms online, you can contact at our Visa Helpline numbers 010-65925377.

3. You can find more Information pertaining to Online Visa Application at the website of India Visa Application Center, Beijing - www.blsindia-china.com.

Useful links:

  • http://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/
  • http://mha.nic.in/ForeigDiv/ForeigHome.html
  • http://boi.gov.in/