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Croatia Visa Information

General Information:
  • Original passport with validity of  period of minimum six months
  • Visa fee with exact amount
  • Two recent 5x5cm photographs. Do not paste or staple the photographs. (In case of a Pakistnai nationals, five photographs must be submitted)
  • Where ever necessary, supporting documents must be given.
  • Completely filled and printout copy of online application form (Special application forms must be filled by Pakistani nationals)

Online Visa Application

The hand written documents are no longer accepted by the Embassy. Applicant must fill the online application form found at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in. After completing the form, the applicant must get its printout which must be submitted at Embassy of India, Zagreb. Applicants who are not original residents of Croatia and Sri Lankan nationals must fill additional form. Special Visa application forms must be filled by Pakistani nationals.

Processing Time

  • Applicants, who hold Croatian passports, will have to wait for four working days for their Visa applications to be completely processed. Applicants, who are either part of dual citizenship or non-Croatian passports, will have to wait for seven days for their applications to be completely processed.
  • Applicants, who are holders of Croatian passports, with a state of emergency, and are requiring Visa to be issued before the normal processing time of 4 days, must provide with an additional Emergency Visa Fee along with the normal visa fee. The purchase of a ticket is not included in the emergency clauses.
  • The applications can take longer time to process in the following cases
    • If the Croatian national is holding a dual nationality or nationality of other origin.
    • Applicants are not residents of Croatia
    • If the applicant requires a from India
    • If the visitor needs to travel to restricted areas
    • Various cases where there is a requirement to check out the documents for verification
  • Each and every application is treated differently and the time taken to issue might vary from applicant to applicant.
  • If the visitors to India need to visit the prohibited areas in the country, he/she required special permits for which an additional form has to be filled by the applicant. To find out if any of the places you are intending to visit falls under prohibited areas, contact Consular Section of this Embassy.

Provisions Relating to Restricted Area Permit (RAP) and Protected Area Permit (PAP)

  • Any applicant wishing to enter restricted areas of India must obtain Protected Area Permit (PAP) or Restricted Area Permit (RAP) along with his valid visa to India. To find out information about the matter, contact the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India at www.mha.nic.in or consult the website of the Bureau of Immigration at www.immigrationindia.nic.in which is an organization under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.
  • Applicants wishing to visit the endangered areas may contact Embassy of India, Zagreb before applying for visas.
  • For filling up the form visit http://www.indianembassy.hr/pdf/RestrictedAreaPermit.pdf.

Types of Visas

There are various categories of Visas on the basis of purposes for which the foreign national is visiting India. Some major types of visas are Business visa, Tourist Visa, employment visa, Student, Entry visa and Transit visa. To find out more information on the types of Visa that fits your purpose of visiting, you may contact the Consular Section of Embassy of India at Zagreb Pakistani nationals have special separate forms available for them. Visa application forms for other nations are all same.

  • Tourist Visa

According to the existing instructions by the Government of India, a Tourist Visa can only be granted to a foreigner whose aim of visiting India are a visit to meet friends or relatives, sightseeing, recreation, casual visit, etc. Applicant’s Tourist Visa cannot be extended or converted. The Government of India has announced that foreign tourists who are nationals of Japan, New Zealand, Finland, Singapore, Philippines, Luxembourg, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam can avail Tourist Visa-on-Arrival from the Immigration Officers at Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Trivandrum, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi and Hyderabad will provide this facility.

  • Student and Employment Visa

Foreign students wishing to study in India, can apply for Student Visa, if the educational institutions/colleges in which they are applying in, are recognized by Government of India. The course they are pursuing must also be recognized.  Employment visas can also be obtained if an Applicant submits a Copy of the Employment Agreement/Contract provided by the employee/company in India. Applicant must give an evidence of the company’s registration under Government of India as well.

  • Transit Visa

Foreigner traveling through some other destination can apply for transit Visa, if stopping at India for a while, before reaching his/her final destination. The duration for Transit Visa’s validity is 15 days. It should not be exceeded more than 03 days. If, staying in India for more than 03 days, the applicant must apply for an appropriate Visa. A document detailing the applicant’s travel plan along with copy of confirmed tickets must be provided.

  • Business Visa

The validity of business visas is generally a period of one year. Multiple-entry Business Visas valid for two years are also granted to experts/technicians visiting India to pursue joint venture projects or bilateral agreements, all having approval from the Government of India.

  • Entry Visa

Long Term/Entry Visas are issued to persons of Indian origin for duration of up to five years. These can be obtained, depending on the purpose of visit and eligibility, on a case-by-case basis.  
Please note that persons holding long-term visas (having validity exceeding six months) are normally not expected to stay in India more than six months during each visit. Please refer to the link further down for requirement to register with the Foreigners Registration Office (FRO)/Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in India.

  • Journalist visa (JV):

Journalist Visas are given to journalists working in a recognized media institution. Journalist Visas have validity for three months, if proper documentations are provided to the Embassy including an employment card or original letter from a recognized media/ news agency that is responsible for giving the project in India.

  • Medical visa:

Foreign Nationals visiting India for medical treatment must submit Original health certificate detailing reasons for requirement of treatment in India to avail Medical Visa. Visa can have a multiple/single entry into India facility.

  • Medical escort visa (MX):

A medical escort visa is given to those who are accompanying a patient travelling to India for medical treatment on a medical visa. This visa can be given to a close relative/family member or a friend of the patient. Please note that relevant letters/documents explaining details of the treatment are also required.

  • Missionary visa (M):

Applicants planning to visit India for religious purposes shall be issued single entry missionary visa valid for the duration approved by the Government of India. A letter from the sponsoring organization in Croatia and India indicating intended destination in India, expected length of stay, and nature of work to be discharged should be attached with the application form along with a guarantee for the applicant's maintenance while in India.

  • Research visa (RV):

Any foreigner applicant can apply for Research Visa if he/she is undergoing a research expedition in India. The applicant must apply in concerned Indian mission, and submit a document detailing the subject of his/her research project(s), places required to be visited, admission documents in recognized institutions, evidence of financial support and any prior visit to India.  The Research Visa is valid only for a time period of four weeks and applicant must apply at least six weeks before their date of departure to India.

Registration with FRO/FRRO

Nationals of Indian origin, who are 16 years of age or more and are holding multiple entry X-Visas, if visiting India for more than a time period of six months on their first visit, must register themselves with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO)/Foreigners Registration Office (FRO), within 14 days of their arrival. The registration is not required in later visits by the foreign national. Children below the age of 16 years are exempt from this requirement. All other visitors to India, including those of Indian origin, holding any other category of visa valid for more than six months should register with the FRO/FRRO within 14 days of arrival in India.

Visa Fee and Additional Charges

If an applicant withdraws his/her visa application, the Vis fee will not be return to him. Also, Visa fee can be changed without any prior notice. The right to grant and accept Visa applications lie with The Embassy of India at Zagreb and this decision is taken not on the basis of what fee is paid but instead on the basis of merit. Visa fee must be paid in cash.

Visa Fee for Croatian Passports (with effect from 16 July 2012):

Type of Visa Duration Price in Kuna  
Tourist  up to 6 months 370  
Transit   190   
Business up to 1 year 1090  
2-5 years 1810  
Employment up to 1 year 1090  
2-5 years 1810  
Student    685  
Conference   730   
Emergency Visa Fee   135   
Service Charges   50