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Czech Republic Visa Information

General Information:
  1. All applications for the Indian Visa are accepted during the official working hours at The Indian Embassy.
  2. Applicants who are applying for Visa must apply for online form. The application form through post or hand written applications are no longer accepted at the Embassy.
  3. Completely fill the form and get its printout. Attach all the necessary documents for the type of Visa you wish to apply for, along with two recent photographs (50mmX 50 mm, white background) and your signature. Submit it to the Embassy for verification. Photographs must not be stapled with the form. Applicants who are nationals of Czech Republic must bring along their photocopies of [passport and air tickets. Nationals other than Czech must also bring their photocopies of visa page/resident permit.
  4. In the column “Indian Mission”, in the application form, select the option “Czech Prague”.
  5. For the filling of online application form and other necessary details, visit https://indianvisaonline.gov.in.
  6. The applications will take approximately one week to be processed. If the applicants wish to check the status of their online application, they can contact the Consular Section of the Mission from Monday to Friday between 04.00 PM and 05.00 PM.
  7. The Embassy aims to issue all Visas to all the applicants after 4 days of submission of the application. The process can get delayed due to improperly filled Visa or due to processing of individual requirements.
  8. All the applicants without Czech passport will have to wait for an additional five to seven days for the processing of their visas. They will also be charged with additional processing fee.
  9. All the applicants who are holding other than Czech Passports must provide evidence of their stay in the country of Czech Republic for at least two years or more.
  10. The applicant must pay the fees in cash.Cheques or credit cards will not be accepted. If the Visa application is withdrawn by the applicant, he will not be refunded the fees.
  11. Even if the visa application is accepted, it is not a guarantee that Visa will be issued. The issue of visa, its duration and type are depended on the basis of merits of each application.
  12. Applicants can make their enquiries on visas by contacting Consular Officer at 257 533 490 or at [email protected]. For special cases, you can ask to be spoken to the First Secretary (Consular) at the same number; or write to [email protected]. If the applicant is sending his/her queries through mail, he/she must mention his/her name, place and other coordinates like telephone number, etc.
  13. The time period for the validity of Visas is from the date of the issue of Visa and not from the date of entry in India. While mentioning the period of Visa, this factor must be kept in mind.
  14. The category of Visa required must be mentioned carefully in the application form. If any tourist in India is found performing activities incompatible with his type of Visa, his/her Visa can be revoked on the spot.
  15. If any applicant is visiting India for the purpose of surrogacy, he/she/ must provide the necessary documents to support that surrogacy is legal in their respective country and also they have proper documents and measures for the traveling of child for accompanying the surrogate parents. Visiting India for surrogacy arrangement under any other visa not compatible for surrogacy is punishable by the Indian law.
  16. Satellite phones are not allowed in India. Any applicant making unauthorized usage of such phones will be set for trial on Indian law and all his assets will be seized by the Law.

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