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Nepal Visa Information

General Information:
  • Nationals from all the countries except Nepal and Bhutan must apply for Visa to travel to India, including children.
  • Applicants must not finalize their travel arrangements before establishing the visa requirements.
  • The visas are valid from the date of its issue. The time period of validity does not start from the day the applicant enters India.
  • The Embassy of India, Kathmandu goes through various assurances, clearances and checks while processing a visa application. The Embassy holds the privilege to decline any Visa request without providing any answer to the applicant. Visas are issued subject to various checks and clearances.
  • If a Visa application is cancel/declined for any reason, the Visa fee will not be refunded back to the applicant.
  • The right to decide the type of visa to be issued, the duration of validity, the number of entries per visa etc lies in the hands of The Embassy of India, Kathmandu and this decision is taken irrespective of the amount of fees paid.
  • The applicant must hold a passport with the validity for a minimum period of six months. Applicants who are requesting for long time visas must hold a passport with a validity of the time period of validity of the requested Visa.
  • Once the Visa application is accepted, it does not guarantee that the visa will be granted.
  • If an applicant hides or lies in his/her Visa application, his/her visa will be rendered cancelled immediately without giving any reason.
  • When the Visa is granted, it does not give the right to entry. It is done by the judgment of immigration authorities.
  • An applicant providing forged documents, or campaigning for Visa or hiding necessary details will face immediate disqualification for Visa. An applicant overstaying his/her duration of visa or misusing his/her visa will be deported back to the native country immediately and will be disqualified for future visa.
  • When an applicant is traveling with a minor, he/she must provide a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from either of the minor’s parents.
  • If an applicant is a minor, who is travelling alone or with a relative, a consent letter from the both parents must be provided.
  • An applicant of foreign nationality can apply for only short term Tourist visa (3 month or 6 month/single entry). For long term Visas, he/she must apply from his/her respective country.

Visa Service: General Information

  • Since November 2011, all the applications for Visa must be submitted and accepted only in online form.
  • Since September 2009, Embassy of India, Katmandu has given the authorization to Nepal SBI Bank of operating Indian Visa Service Centre' (IVSC).

Guidelines for Applying and Obtaining Mandatory Online Visa

  • Go to the website of Embassy of India, Kathmandu www.indianembassy.org.np and Click on “Visa &Passport” on the Home page. Then click on “Visa” and go through the general instructions/information on visa and type of visa. Then click on “Online Visa Application” to be redirected to the Government of India Visa Online Application Website: www.indianvisaonline.gov.in for the online visa application form.  
  • Copy down the Temporary Application ID number containing 15 characters carefully. The number consists of alphabets and numbers, which are displayed on the online application form at Government of India. To retrieve your application and continue filling the form on some later date, save the number.  
  • After completing the online form, a Web Reference Confirmation Numberwill be given to you. At this stage, the completed Government of India Visa Application will appear in a PDF format. 
  • After completing the form, save it, get a printout, sign on it, attach all the relevant documents, and submit it to the Embassy of India, Kathmandu.
  • The applicant must provide all the documents that are required to be submitted according to the website.
  • The photographs of the applicant must be of the dimensions 51mm x 51mm (2 inch x 2 inch) and must be in a white background. If photographs do not meet this requirement, they will not be accepted. For moredetails, visit Indian Online VISA Site.
  • The applicant must completely fill the online visa application at least one day in advance before submitting the printout at the Indian Visa Service Centre/Embassy of India, Kathmandu.
  • If an applicant faces a problem in filling up the forms, he/she must contact Indian Visa Service Centre at 00971-4001516.
  • Information regarding Online Visa Application is also available at the website of India Service Center, Kathmandu - www.nepalsbi.com.np/indian_passport