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Nigeria Visa Information

General Information:
  • Applicants should not book air tickets and finalize their travel arrangements till they are issued their visas.
  • Nationals of all the foreign countries must have Visa, including children.
  • If Visa application is rejected or cancelled, Visa fees will not be refunded back to the applicant.
  • The right to decide the time period of validity of Visa is with High Commission irrespective of the fees paid by the applicant during submission of form.
  • An applicant can either submit Visa by post or in person at the High Commission of India in Lagos.
  • The applicants from other countries than Nigeria may have to wait a longer duration to get their visas approved so that the clearance can be established from their respective Indian Missions.
  • Nationals of Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh nationals must apply for special visa applications form.
  • Applicants who wish to enter into restricted/prohibited areas in India must fill a special form. To know if any of the place that you are visiting lies under restricted areas or not, contact The High Commission of India, Lagos.
  • To collect Visa application forms free of cost, either go toe Reception Office of the High Commission of India or download by clicking Visa Application Form on the website.
  • There are various types of Visas granted by High Commission of India in Lagos depending upon the purpose of visiting India such as mountaineering, tourism, conferences, journalism, voluntary work, yoga, or other expeditions.  For more information on the subject, contact the High Commission of India.
  • To see the requirements for all types of visas, visit http://www.indianhcabuja.com/forms/Visa-Requirements.htm.
  • If a foreign National holds a multiple entry X-visas or any other type of Visas who wishes to visit India and intending to stay for more than consecutive 6 months must register themselves with the FRRO/FRO within maximum of 14 days of their first arrival. The applicant need not register in subsequent visit to India under same Visa. Applicant under 16 years of age need not register themselves.